“Now I Understand...”

I own points and have been frustrated on what exactly I own and how many points I get to use each year.  After signing up with Timeshare Guardians, I now understand what my annual balance is, how to use it better and they also take care of all my reservations and questions.

— Ginny Cuevas

“Get straight answers..”

If you own a timeshare get an account manager.  I get straight answers to questions, and they get it done.

— M.L. Peterson

Heidi Scroggins

I joined “Timeshare Guardians.” I've been EXTREMELY SATISFIED with my reservation agent at Capital but have spent hours on the phone talking to the home office about my payments not being recorded and several other matters. In just 24 hours Timeshare Guardians straightened out my conflicts.

I recommend “Timeshare Guardians.”
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Client Since December 2017

“Did not pressure me.”

I was new to timeshare and didn't really understand what I purchased or how to use it.  I called Timeshare Guardians, and they told me what I owned and how to use it. Then I asked to do some research about them.  They said that if I needed their help they would be available anytime.  Did not pressure me into signing up.

— Patricia Clark

“Cannot thank you enough…”

We asked our Guardian about resales and if we could sell our timeshare.  They were upfront and told us they help owners use their ownerships and did not assist in resales.  Since then we love our ownership again and have been very proactive in using it more with our family.  Cannot thank you enough for spending the countless hours over the years helping us vacation and making memories.

— S.L.