Timeshare Guardians is family-owned and operated by the Hayes family.  Billy (CEO/Co-Founder of Timeshare Guardians, LLC) was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and his wife Dasa (Owner/Co-Founder) was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. The two of them met while working onboard the Holland America Cruise-liner the M.S. Volendam. They traveled the world visiting many countries and continents while working in the travel industry and eventually settled in the Midwest.  They currently reside in Branson, MO. Known for it’s live music and stage shows, Branson is also a timeshare hub in the US.


For the past 15 years Billy and Dasa have had the pleasure of working all angles of the timeshare industry.  As a former Resort Property Manager and Loan Officer, Billy is familiar with every aspect of timeshare. Over the years, Billy and Dasa have met many wonderful timeshare owners, and the reoccurring statement they would hear from owners would be, "I Don't Know.” They don't know how to use, don't know how to manage and don't know who can help them. Timeshare Guardians was created to guide and help friends, old and new, throughout their timeshare ownership and get them back to enjoying their vacations once again.